Message in a Bottle

On June 20th 2003 the Lions Club of Newbury launched a life-saving project in the Newbury and Thatcham area called MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. It is aimed at assisting the local emergency services when they are called out to the elderly or those living alone, by providing vital information on that person. This scheme has already been launched by many other Lions Clubs across the UK and has been strongly supported both by the emergency services and by the participating public.


Anyone living alone can use the bottle to store personal information about themselves which could be needed in an emergency such as:

· Personal details
· Next of kin or relatives to contact
· Allergies and regular medications
· Doctor’s details and medical information

The emergency services have been made aware of the scheme in this area and will look for the ‘Green Cross’ sticker inside the front door of the house which will let them know that the information can be found in the bottle in the refrigerator. EASY! Bottles and forms are available FREE at local chemists, health centres, housing associations etc.

Please email if you would like to request a Message in a Bottle or order new ones.